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The Biggest Tech Trends in 2014

That are Critical For Your Company’s Future

calendar_80px  Friday, April 11, 2014
speedometer_80px  8:00am-10:00am (EDT)
Connected data Sources Philadelphia, PA

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PTW-2014-Logo The Biggest Technology Trends  in 2014

     That are Critical For Your  Company’s  Future


“The Biggest Technology Trends  in 2014 That are Critical For Your  Company’s  Future” is a Philly Tech Week event brought to you by Fesnak, LLP and The Marks Group. 
The 90 minute roundtable featuring discussions on new and uprising technologies such as–Cloud Accounting, Big Data, and Customer Relation Management–led by seasoned experts from the technology industry including PARIS’ Director of Direct Accounts and Professional Services–Eric McVey.
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Who's Attending

PARIS’ Eric McVey will be participating in leading the discussion at the Philly Tech Week  event. He oversees the development of applications for various global clients such as Ferrari, L’Occitane and The Home Depot to help companies with optimizing all manner of planning, analysis and reporting applications. Prior to joining the company, Eric was a PowerOLAP end user and PARIS “evangelist” having experienced the significant boost in productivity and profitability within his own organization.

When? Where?

The Biggest Technology Trends in 2014 Roundtable location details:

Date:  April 11, 2014
Time:  8am– 10 am (EDT)
Location: Offices of First Round Capital
4040 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA