Announcing the release of Version 16 in January 2016.

At PARIS, we take pride in continually improving the performance and functionality of our software products.  Below are some highlights of the Version 16 release for each product.

PowerOLAP Version 16:

  • “Silent Installer” functionality for easy Client deployment
  • User-managed licensing, which allows licenses to be registered/unregistered/moved
  • Support for 64-bit Excel
  • Unicode support for exporting to SQL – Asian characters
  • Improved OLAPTableWrite functionality
  • View Formulas and Dependencies from a selected point in the PowerOLAP Modeler
  • Optimized and improved Formula Engine
  • Enhanced Olation integration and  functionality
  • Improvements to the PowerOLAP Scheduler interface for executing SQL statements

Olation Version 2016

  • On-the-fly Dimension Aggregations
  • Ability to write back to the relational source via Drill Through
  • Support for multiple, independent Olation databases within a single relational database
  • Ability to define Dimension and Hierarchy from multiple tables
  • Improved Saving performance
  • Improved Hierarchy display in the Client
  • Multiple memory optimizations

DRDC 2016 (Dynamic Relational Database Connectivity)

  • Makes front-end tools work like a Client to SQLServer–for example, Excel, Tableau, QlikView
  • An IT person’s dream – flexibility and control over data in SQL
  • New options for defining what comes to SQL via flexible “filtering”

These are just the top highlights for each product’s new version, but there are MANY fixes and improvements in the 2016 release.  Fill out the form below to register your interest and we will schedule your upgrade.

*For customers current on Maintenance, simply contact PARIS to discuss upgrading to this great new version, as it is available with your Maintenance Agreement and is easier to deploy to users than ever before, with our new “Silent Installer” option.

If you are interested in more information as it comes, or in being one of the first to take advantage of this new product offering, fill out the form below, and let us know!