Cheerful guy sitting in front of desktop computerBetter Information. Better Decisions. Better Schools.

PARIS provides Education Intelligence: Visionary planning, budgeting, analytics and reporting for Superintendents, Principals and Teachers, enabling School Districts to perform with the agility of a business.

The amount of data being generated in education is growing exponentially.

Here are some examples of school-related data that can be gathered and aggregated to useful information:

  • Test scores
  • Student absences and truancy
  • Cafeteria sales and inventory
  • Human resources
  • Transportation data
  • Commonwealth data
  • Data from legacy systems
  • Data from disparate internal and external sources

Schools, like businesses, need to understand their data, make smart decisions, and compete. The challenge is not just collecting and organizing this data, but marshalling it into Better Information so as to make faster, Better Decisions. That’s where PARIS comes in.

Education Business Intelligence Dashboard

Screenshot Example Dashboard of what’s possible with Education Intelligence with PARIS

We can Take you There

We can take you to the place where your data is actually serving you relevant, helpful information for making the best decision for your school.

Teacher Happy with PARIS Education Solutions

“My goal as the Superintendent is to transition from single variable data analysis in our decision process to a complete analytical process utilizing multiple variables. The Education Intelligence “cube” is the key that provides an easy, user-friendly solution to connect multiple variables from various data sets in one location to conduct analysis.  The utilization of PARIS’ Education Intelligence has provided our team with a deeper understanding of the issues and has allowed us to discover new solutions.” 

Curtis J. Griffin, Ed.D. , Superintendent of Schools, Hatboro-Horsham School District

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Education Intelligence brings planning, analytics, and reporting for Superintendents, Principals, and Teachers.

Education Intelligence (EI) utilizes hands-on, accessible technologies—Excel, Web browser, currently available data sources—and methodologies used by top business performers.  In order to respond to market conditions and outpace competitors, the most successful companies try to understand where they are now and apply predictive analytics based on what works and what doesn’t—all for the purpose of targeting better, more profitable outcomes.

Education Intelligence works the same way, but with multiple sources—like public data from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and other providers—combined for you to get a read on results in comparison to other schools nearby and across the state.  Analyze the most up-to-date statistics related to SAT and PSSA scores, AYP, Proficiency by Subject, Dropouts, Enrollment—all of this rich, critical real-time information is standard in the core EI product. Measure your numbers, in essence to grade your school’s performance across all these key education metrics. This EI offer is now available dynamically via the Web as a hosted service or can implemented locally in your environment.

A personalized Education Intelligence product is available to supplement these capabilities and connects to your own district’s financial, human resources, and other application databases (PowerSchool, Keystone, etc.) at your fingertips for dynamic analytics and reporting.  This is a readily accessible system that uses Microsoft Office programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, web browser) as its front end and employs the best business intelligence technologies available for planning, budgeting, analytics and reporting.

Customized Planning, Budgeting, Analyzing for Educational Data

The customized component of the EI system enables you to apply your data towards “visionary planning,” helping you to forecast how you can significantly improve your school district’s student outcomes. You are able to budget and allocate precious resources according to multiple “what if” scenarios, and see resulting calculations instantaneously. Predict, based on strategies that are now successful (and those that are not), to achieve measurable results relating to curriculum, staff assignments, testing exercises, etc. Education Intelligence provides the education intelligence to drill down on root causes, and then build up models that significantly enhance your ability to make better schools, for your district, your staff—and, most important—your students.

EDUCATION INTELLIGENCE runs on state-of-the-art business technologies powered by PowerOLAP, developed by PARIS Technologies.  Click here for more information.