Create a dynamic Sales Cash Flow Projection
from Deals captured on Hubspot.

Hubspot Deals to CashFlow

Create a dynamic Sales Cash Flow Projection from Deals captured on Hubspot.

Sales Agent

Increase sales productivity by automating manual spreadsheet processes, and get a realistic view of deals over time.

Sales Managers

Eliminate time-consuming report consolidation and enable collaboration for better monitoring of team performance.


Accurate and timely sales Cash Flow Forecasts enables leaders to plan ahead and be more strategic.

Love Hubspot, but hate reporting? 


Don’t waste valuable sales time on repetitive data input.
Eliminate error-prone calculations and outdated reports.

PARIS Deals to Cash Flow App automates the cash flow reporting process
so you can be more productive and have accurate and timely reports.

Hubspot Deals

Hubspot is a marketing and sales platform with a centralized CRM at its core. End-users of Hubspot are typically sales agents and marketers.

Hubspot’s Sales Hub provides sales agents with tools that will help them keep track of their deals and be more productive.

In Hubspot’s Deals module, agents input deals they are working on including details like amount, current stage in the sales cycle, and several other factors that allow Hubspot to estimate the probability of winning the deal.

Why Deals to Cash Flow?

Hubspot Deals is a great tool for capturing information needed to create a Cash Flow projection from sales activities. While Hubspot provides a revenue forecast across all deals in their respective stage, it does not provide a sales forecast over time.

PARIS’ Deals to Cash Flow app uses information from Hubspot Deals to generate a Cash Flow forecast that is automated and dynamically updated in real-time.

The Deals to Cash Flow app eliminates time-consuming manual processes by synchronizing Hubspot to a centralized PARIS cloud database that automatically computes a sales projection over time. This provides sales agents a more realistic view of their deals, and gives management a forecast of the expected Cash Flow from sales.

How it works:

1. Sales agents input Deals data in Hubspot

2. Deals-to-CashFlow app synchronizes in real-time and re-calculates two data models: Sales Agent View and Leadership View

3. Sales Agent can access their view on a connected Excel spreadsheet to view their Deals and Cash Flow Forecast.

  • The app will automatically project the cash flow over time, based on the inputted Spread Type.
  • Sales Agent view is filtered to display only the Deal records of the current user
  • Multiple users can access and update the Excel spreadsheet in real-time.

4. Leaders (Management and C-Level) can view the consolidated Cash Flow Forecast a connected Excel spreadsheet.

  • Cash Flow Forecast can be displayed in various ways – monthly, quarterly, or yearly comparisons
  • View consolidated data across each sales agent
  • Data is updated in real-time and can be accessed by multiple users