The Time System That You Will Love

Manage Your Time, Track Projects, from Outlook.

Outlook Time Manager Time Manager Live™ (TML) improves employee productivity because it works within the Outlook Calender interface and is so easy to use. Time Manager Live gives employees the ability to enter time worked without ever having to login to an external application.

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Benefits of using TML for improved productivity includes:

  • Time Efficiency: Reduced time for capturing project and clock-in-clock-out time from external systems.
  • Accurate Time Keeping: Eliminate duplicate time entries, maximizing productivity and time-keeping accuracy.
  • Automatic Notifications: Get email and other notifications to employees about activities, including to-be-completed
  • Connecting Accounting and Invoicing Systems: Automate pull-through of new accounts and projects from accounting systems.
  • Live Resource Management: Quickly monitor staff and deploy resources for maximum profitability.
  • Reporting and Analyzing with Ease: Report analyze and approve project billing in real time while using your preferred application(s) such as; Excel with full formatting and graphing capabilities, dashboard packages, MS BI Stack, SharePoint among others
  • Dynamic Updates:  Reports reflect entries as they occur—see who’s doing what when, and if staff are pulled away from scheduled projects while enjoying easy reporting sorted  by Project, Activity, Manager, Consultant, Billable, Version.

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Experience LIVE Intelligence:

  • Real-time capture of Outlook entries, including by version (Actual, Scheduled, Unspecified, etc.)
  • Dynamic reports, analytics, alerts about employee activities
  • Online monitoring of project progress, including against budget and estimate at completion
  • Opportunity to allocate time to projects/jobs as they are occurring

“We wanted to create a time management application  that is simple, dynamic and improves employee man looking at clock and business strategy on a wall productivity. What better way than to do it with their own Outlook Calendars?”

~ Eric McVey, Director of Direct Accounts and Professional Services, PARIS Technologies.