PowerOLAP V16 Upgrade Offer Particulars

Here’s the fine print on this offer:

(Custom engagements are available if the scope of your Upgrade exceeds these limits.)


The following are excluded from the Standard Upgrade Offer:

* Development of or changes to the PowerOLAP Model\Excel Workbooks

* ETL processes (OLAP Exchange, Text File Import routines, External Data sources, etc.)

* Environmental Variables (VPN, Network Configurations, Firewall, Proxy Server, Citrix, Terminal Services)

* Testing is to be performed on a standard environment; Windows Server 2012, 32bit Excel 2013

* We define 20 reports as 20 Excel worksheets

* Offer limited to a single PowerOLAP database and server

* You must be upgrading your existing production installation

* You must provide PARIS with your PowerOLAP database and reports for the upgrade


Hey now. Is your PowerOLAP upgrade bumping into these limits?

No worry, we have a discount for you too. You can test more databases or servers with a customized discounted package. Indicate on the form that your upgrade will differ from the standard.

Sounds Good, Show me the V16 Upgrade Offer