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Introducing Several New Functions and Improved Connectivity

Also, featuring Our Most Powerful, Flexible, User-friendly Interface Yet

NEW For Excel Users

PowerOLAP® Version 16 contains a fantastic new option for the OLAPWriteTable function in Excel. OLAPWriteTable maintains the live connection between PowerOLAP and advanced Excel formula functions.

Write Cube Values – No Read optimizes the data refresh for large data tables (Let’s be honest, data tables just keep getting larger, so this is great!) The benefit is a dramatic performance improvement when writing data in large tables, which would otherwise be delayed by recalculating the table after data entry.



For the Formula writers:

PowerOLAP Version 16 has a slew of new functions for cross-cube formulas. Previously, the “Item Count” and “Distinct Item Count” in OLAP Exchange would count the number of data points in a relational data set. Such data is used to calculate, for example, averages of other measures. The following new cube formulas allow for counting data points against any dimension in a cube, not just the measures dimension:

Additionally for users who write a lot of formulas, there is a new function for the formula language which consistently returns a unique numeric value for any unique text.
• HASH(text): By aggregating the unique hash values of multiple text labels (e.g. dimension member names) it is possible to dynamically identify individual text labels of identical sets of text labels or members.

Interactivity between Olation® and PowerOLAP has been improved and streamlined, including the Update Linked Cube configuration parameters. There is now a new dialog to modify Olation Linked Cube configuration parameters.

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With PowerOLAP V16, There is Something New For Everyone

Fast Excel Calculations

  • Auto sorting of top and bottom constrained values
  • Quickly view formulas
  • Support for Czech characters in Excel

IDS and Excel Web Publication

  • IDS Dashboard single object refresh and enhancement to default views
  • IDS Improved multiple browser support for easy collaboration
  • IDS spreadsheet download dynamic, static, and PDF reports

Data Source Integration

  • Supports SQL Server 2012 data
  • OLAP Exchange support for SAP HANA
  • Supports Windows Server 2012 platform

Unlimited Graphical Possibilities

  • Cool new dashboard graphics and enhancements
  • Advanced analysis and reporting
  • Beautiful PowerOLAP Ribbon

Improved Performance

  • Improved Performance of larger Dimensions
  • Enhancements to PowerOLAP Server Stability for  a faster user experience
  • Simplified Licensing for PowerOLAP Client(s)
  • Eliminate License issues resulting form Citrix environment

Modeler Interface Revision

  • Modeler Navigation Enhancements
  • Ability to Toggle New and Old Interface
  • New Ribbon and Grid Interface

Easy Application Integration

  • Integrates with Olation
  • Supports Windows 8 platform with improved Windows security integration
  • Enhanced COM API integration

Easy OLAP Functions

  • OLAPWriteTable function
  • OLAP Exchange support for SAP HANA
  • OLAPPivot Supports Descendants throughout range of Members
  • Write Member to Cube Function – Leverage Excel Formula Modeling in your Cube

More Flexibility and Control

  • Improved navigation and larger slice view
  • Faster drill-up or drill-down
  • Cleaner, larger work space