In Memory Data

In Memory Data

In-memory database systems (IMDB) also referred to as main-memory database system (MMDB) are a growing subset of a database management system (DBMS) software, which primarily relies on main memory for computer data storage rather than a disk storage mechanism.


Most of the In-memory database systems exhibit all the ACID properties—Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability.

  1. Atomicity: IMDB entails a single data transfer and avoids multiple data transfer streamline processing. Each transaction is “all or nothing”: where the entire file is left unchanged even if one part of the transaction fails.
  2. Consistency: The consistency property ensures that data exists in a consistent and valid state which abides to all defined rules of data existence.
  3. Isolation: The isolation property of IMDB ensures that each transaction is executed in total isolation and is totally independent of any other concurrent transaction.
  4. Durability: IMDB ensures the completion of a transaction once assigned to it, even in the event of power loss, crashes or errors.


  1. The major advantage that main-memory databases hold against any other system software is: its performance speed.
  2. The internal optimization algorithms for in-memory databases are simpler and execute fewer CPU instructions, thereby facilitating faster response times than disk-optimized databases.
  3. Source data is loaded into the system memory in a compressed and non-relational format. Thereby reducing the disk seek time for accessing data in memory and streamlining the work involved in processing queries in IMDB.
  4.  An in-memory database system streamlines processing by eliminating multiple data transfers, reduces memory consumption by removing multiple copies of data, and simplifies processing by minimizing CPU demands.

With the optimization goal of reducing memory consumption and CPU cycles, and streamlining processes, in-memory database systems carry no file I/O burden. More memory is more precious as memory equals storage space for in-memory database systems. Therefore IMDB is designed explicitly to get the most out of memory and for its performance advantage.

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– Shruti Sahu, Project Management – Marketing Associate, PARIS Technologies