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Planning, Analytics, and Reporting Information Systems

PARIS Technologies Inc. is a data management, business intelligence, analysis, and reporting software company dedicated to providing innovative applications that improve the productivity and profitability of organizations through data-driven decision making.

Why PARIS Technologies?

Customers get solutions that are quick to implement, flexible, and powerful— and that leverage their existing systems.

Data sources, dashboards, and Excel are connected in ONE, LIVE, MULTI-USER EXPERIENCE.

Management can make immediate critical decisions with full confidence because the organization is in sync in real-time.

All staff work in collaboration, resulting in increased productivity and recognition.

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Combat Spreadsheets Limitations 

Reaching the limits of what spreadsheets can do for you?

Power your spreadsheets with an analytical model that stores your data and automatically runs your calculations and business rules.

Use your everyday spreadsheet as a front end to enterprise-wide financial models that accommodate budgeting, forecasting, and all other types of complex planning exercises.

PARIS Tech Combat Spreadsheet Limitations website image

No More Clerking Excel!

Analysts are spending hours clerking Excel instead of doing the job they were hired to do.

Leave the clerking to us.

With our powerful back-end engines, we can deliver the numbers at record speeds.

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Flawless Metrics

Ensure that the metrics in your management dashboards are totally consistent with the numbers in your spreadsheet reports.

Store and calculate all your metrics for both transactional and planning data in a single place for vastly improved efficiencies and full reliability.



Get the tools you need to enable your end users to do their jobs.

PARIS provides solutions that are quick to implement, flexible and incredibly powerful;
that rapidly deliver significant impact, and;
that will generate the highest ROI of any project undertaken by the company.

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