AnyModel Program

What is the AnyModel Program?

Customers have a wide range of Excel models that their teams need to collaborate around. You want to be able to share your numbers seamlessly without having to pass spreadsheets back and forth. You want the ability to have the same numbers without having multiple versions of your sheets. If a big portion of your time is spent assembling numbers, then PARIS can save you 90% of this time on day one

If you or members of your team have experienced the pain of working with Excel, then AnyPlan is for you. 

Getting started

The most important aspect of getting started comes down to one word… Try.
I want to Try something new.


We’ll send you an NDA so that we can start
off with confidentiality in place

You’ll send us the model that you would like
to see implemented

We’ll start working with you immediately
to understand the nuances
of your model

We’ll get your model up and running
in the cloud

We’ll help you to understand how the model works
with PARIS PowerExcel

You can try the model for 30-days

At the end of 30-days either:

Sign a subscription for 1 year
 — OR —
Tell us, “It’s not for me…”


Users of the AnyModel program will experience the following benefits.

Users will save 80-90% of the time building, managing, and reporting on their plan.

Work Teams will be able to collaborate around
the plan without having to pass workbooks
back/forth or manage versions of their numbers
on a shared drive.

Organizations will improve their
profits/outcomes by having a solid based
of numbers upon which everyone can agree.


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