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Streamline your financial planning, analysis, and reporting process.

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Create integrated plans by unifying data from multiple sources

Give users across all departments of your organization the capability to plan, analyze, and create reports using data from a single source. PowerOLAP unifies data from disparate sources into one platform, so you don’t have to worry about your users working with wrong data sets. This allows you to have an integrated plan for your organization that you can analyze from various viewpoints and perspectives of your business.

Save time and improve business agility with automated real-time reporting

Significantly cut reporting cycles by eliminating tedious manual tasks such as spreadsheet compilation, formula checking, database exporting, etc. By connecting all your data sources to PowerOLAP, you can automate updates and view the effects of your transactional and operational data in real-time reports. By automating your reporting process, you can react and make quick strategic decisions about your business based on accurate and timely reports.

Elevate Excel reports with the power of OLAP integration

Spreadsheets have always been a fundamental and ubiquitous tool in finance. Excel offers advanced computing features that are accessible and familiar to end-users, and it provides them with the flexibility they need to create custom reports.

PowerOLAP leverages on the strengths of Excel by using it as the main interface and connecting it to multiple data sources. By integrating Excel into PowerOLAP’s architecture, we are able to solve the challenges that are inherent to spreadsheet applications such as linked spreadsheets, formula errors, size limitation, and processing power. Therefore, by placing Excel on top of PowerOLAP’s multi-dimensional engine, Excel is transformed into a reporting tool capable of real-time enterprise reporting.

Inspire strategic planning by enabling creation of Ad Hoc Business Reports

With Excel at the center of PowerOLAP, users have the capability to create ad-hoc reports using tools that they already know. Analyze performance by location, product category, distribution channels, sales territories, and as many dimensions and hierarchies that your business has. PowerOLAP allows you to create custom data models that will provide a holistic view of your business, or even multi-businesses, so that you can create strategic operational and financial plans towards achieving you’re your goals.