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Plan with Confidence, Knowing You Are Backed By The Right Information

Our software applications offer planning, budgeting and inventory

management features for getting your numbers right the first time with ease and speed.

Business Resource Planning

Resource Planning

Planning is the first step in the budget process, and sets the stage for all the steps that come after.  Setting goals and meeting goals that fit your organization’s long-term and short term needs involves experience that can only be attained from access to valuable information. With PARIS‘ planning applications—you have the speed to build, test multiple scenarios, and change currencies with a simple drag and drop.

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Resource Planning Features

  • Drag and Drop 100% 100%
  • Automatic Business Model Updates 100% 100%
  • Quick Data Distribution 100% 100%
Inventory Planning

Inventory Planning

In today’s competitive market, Businesses can’t afford to have excess safety stock, nor can they afford the opportunity cost  if they don’t have sufficient stock to sell.  Our  inventory analysis and planning features draw from a range of data sources  including ERP Systems, forecasted numbers, cash flow, sales and production capacities in order to determine the optimal stock mix and levels.

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Inventory Management Features

  • Quick Access to Purchase History 100% 100%
  • ERP Integration 100% 100%
  • Sales Forecasting Models 100% 100%
Easy Business Budgeting Software

Business Budgeting

The budgeting process sometimes consists of “putting together” numbers that are not backed by what is happening now due to inaccess to automatic transactional data updates. When Budgeting with our solutions, you spend more time analyzing and understanding your company’s budget instead of crunching numbers and creating multiple copies because data distribution is as easy as a simple refresh.

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Budgeting Features

  • Multi-Currency 100% 100%
  • Easy Accounting System Integration 100% 100%
  • Works with Excel 100% 100%

The Planning Advantages Are Countless…But We’ll Try to Name a Few

High school principals are able to look at budget allocations in all departmental areas for the last 5 years and compare budget to actuals as quickly as a finger snap.”
Bob Reichert, Director of Business Affairs, Hatboro Horsham School District

documents_80px Our data is Sourced From Your Database You won’t be typing in data you had to get from your ERP, we’ll get it for you. With PowerOLAP and Olation.The data comes from existing transactional repositories, safe and secure, with no errors. Immediate data for actuals Dynamically retrieved from transactional systems—which in turn serve as the basis for forecast figures– there’s no more waiting for end-of-the-month, batched reports, and redundant re-keying to prepare Actuals, Budget and Forecast data in your reports.
search_80px Quickly test multiple scenarios Want to see what will happen if the cost of fuel rises 10%? Want to know the impact of reducing warehousing costs by 25? How about both, and in the blink of an eye? Play what-ifs that reflect changing circumstances in the business environment. You decide the percentages, weighting and other metrics that affect your revised forecast figures and PowerOLAP applies them across all areas, regions, products, etc. for fully automated calculations and instant answers.

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Share instantly throughout the enterprise Whether on the LAN or accessing forecast cubes remotely, our solutions provide instant access and the certainty of working from the exact same version of the information across the enterprise. Use the familiar Excel environment PowerOLAP and Olation are simple to use and easy to learn because they work with spreadsheets. Excel spreadsheets are instantly made more powerful with automatically-provided data and the speed to combine hundreds of spreadsheets into one.

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