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Accelerate your planning and forecasting processes with a dynamically responsive model.

Dynamically retrieve data from your source system

Start your planning and forecasting process with real-time data. Connect your planning model directly to your database with Olation®.

See up-to-the-instant updates on Actuals vs Forecasts as Olation® automatically calculates your planning models.

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Centralize formulas and automate calculation of your planning and forecast models

Ensure consistency of reports by housing formulas and business rules in your planning model.

Eliminate the burden of calculating complex formulas and large data sets from your spreadsheets.

Quickly test multiple what-if scenarios

Model scenarios that put your organization on the best possible trajectory towards success.

Make necessary changes in quantities, rates, percentages, weights and other factors across the dimensions of your business, generating new reports with an immediate refresh.

Collaborate instantly in shared planning models

Leverage Excel as a dynamic user interface to collaborative planning and forecasting models.Input changes to trigger calculations in “what if” models that are shared across the enterprise.

Work collaboratively and with certainty that you always have the latest version of information on hand. 

Make data discoveries that impact your bottom line and bring efficiency and productivity to the way you work.


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