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PowerExcel for Teams

Supercharge your spreadsheets with our Excel-friendly OLAP solution in the cloud.

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Take away spreadsheet problems without taking away Excel.

PowerExcel brings the power of modern OLAP technology through the lens of Microsoft Excel.

Improve your reporting process by storing data and formulas on a multi-dimensional cube accessible by multiple users through spreadsheets.

Experience dynamic, real-time collaboration, way beyond co-authoring, that will eliminate the need for spreadsheet consolidation and make working together in Excel easier and faster.

Now, you can spend more time analyzing data instead of fixing time-consuming errors.

Are you stuck?

  • Are you constrained by the limitations of Microsoft Excel?
    • Linked spreadsheets
    • Invisible formula errors
    • Multiple versions of look-alike workbooks
    • Unreliable source of truth
  • Have you tried, and failed at implementing a BI solution?
  • Do you lack flexibility, visibility, and collaboration across users?
  • Are you too dependent on your IT department?

Even Excel experts have spreadsheet problems. There is a better way.

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Real-time Data

Say goodbye to static data. PowerExcel feeds live data consolidated from systems and transformed in the OLAP database into Excel spreadsheets.

New Analytical Functions

Extend Excel’s computing capability with a wide variety of spreadsheet functions that read data from OLAP cubes into Excel.

Control over OLAP database

PowerExcel lets users create new cubes, dimensions, and members to the OLAP database by simply adding accounts, products, services, etc. in their spreadsheet.

Write-back & Recalculate

Easily collaborate on plans and forecasts by directly entering values into spreadsheets. This will write into the OLAP cube and automatically recalculate and update other connected spreadsheets.

Multiple Reports in One Spreadsheet

Lighten the load of Excel. Instead of having one report per sheet, your can view multiple reports in by simply changing the OLAP cube or dimensions you are accessing.

Are you ready for success?

Stop clerking spreadsheets.

Stop using models that do not fit your business.

Stop investing in systems that take years to implement.

Your time is valuable.

Start analyzing information and generating valuable insights.

Start making data-driven decisions and strategies.

Start planning for successful future outcomes.

– It’s what YOU do best.

Let us take the wheel.

We’ll take care of the technicalities that will drive your business forward.

– It’s what WE do best.