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This paper will discuss how Olation works
from a technical perspective as well as the
impact it has on business.

Olation® unites the capabilities and benefits of relational and multidimensional databases into a single application.

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  • The Olation Calculation Engine  integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SQL Server™,
    MySQL, SAP HANA, Oracle and other relational databases.
  • Easy mapping of existing relational structures into corresponding multidimensional structures— and this process only needs to be done once.
  • Ability to construct multidimensional data types, such as dimensions and cubes, with automatic creation of the corresponding relational structures.
  • Access to external data sources by reference using a SQL query to the data or by staging and
    transforming the data in tables in the Olation database.
  • True, real-time Multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP) that is not based on Relational OLAP (ROLAP) and therefore does not have the performance limitations of such tools. 
  • Defined relationships between environments, enabling intelligent drill-down into cubes, with corresponding drill-through into  relational transactions. 
  • Full API supporting third-party access to all Olation functions.
  • Total algebraic expression across all dimensions

Olation® creates a dramatic business impact in a number of ways:

  • Serves as one single version of the truth, not a copy of transactional data that has been staged for business intelligence analytics.
  • Offers enterprise planning, analytical, and reporting information systems.
  • Delivers true dynamism throughout the environment, allowing data to be changed bi-directionally.
  • Reduces application development time and costs.
  • Reduces application implementation costs and maintenance.
  • Markedly increases end-user productivity.
  •  Leverages existing skill set of the end user by allowing Olation® to be managed through existing tools, such as Excel.