Olation and SharePoint are a Fantastic Pair

The Top 5 Reasons to Use OLATION with SharePoint

Nail Corporate Governance Objectives

OLATION enables organizations to institute role-based, intro-document security, which simplifies governance issues.

Controlling Unstructured Data

OLATION can replace 1000s of stray files with centralized multi-user models.

Deliver Fast, Intelligent Results

Feed your BI Stack, even your dashboards, with live planning data.

Manage Upgrades or Multiple Versions of SharePoint

OLATION unifies and is compatible with multiple versions of SharePoint.

Keep Co-workers Happy

OLATION brings real-time collaboration to end-user computing, across all front ends.

Leverage Your MS BI Stack Investment

Making better use of your SharePoint implementation. Have faster, more meaningful reports.

SharePoint MS BI Stack screen shot

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