Budgeting & forecasting

For Architecture and Engineering Firms

Give your finance team the tools to be more productive while simplifying the input
process for budget & forecast contributors.

Turns budgeting & forecasting into a business tool, not an
administrative burden

Stay in Excel – our tool presents its self in Excel, but all
data resides in a centralized warehouse

Connects all your disparate data sources for “one version
of the truth”

Includes a Business Intelligence platform for ad-hoc
operational & financial reporting

Become more profitable and
make informed & timely decisions.

Bottom-Up Revenue Planning:

Allow users to plan for, report forecast key metrics like:

  • Utilzation %
  • Multiplier
  • Labor & Net Revenue
  • Billed Hours
  • Average Billing Rate

Users can also see this by profit center
or discipline.




Allows users to plan for report, and
forecast their hard backlog as well as
their opportunity pipeline.

This sub-module allows users to track
revenue by project manager, client,
location, and/or department

Gap Analysis Report


This report marries the Bottom-Up
Revenue Plan (Supply) with the
Top-Down Revenue Plan (Demand).

It shows historical data & provides a
12-month view into the future.