Cube Meta Data Privilege

Meta Data Security for a Cube provides varying Access Levels to a Cube. As an example: you may want to allow some Users to see and create Slices of a Cube, and in certain cells be allowed to enter data. The first step is to provide access to the Cube.

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Model tab and Cubes command.
The Cubes dialog box is opened with all Cubes in the database listed.

2.   Select a Cube (e.g., Margin) then click on the Meta Security button.
The Cube Security dialog box appears.

Again, by using the Add or Delete buttons, and selecting an Access Level from the drop-down you assign Cube Meta Data Security to Users and Groups.

3.   Click the Add button to access the Select Users & Groups dialog box.

4.   Select a User(s) and/or Group(s)
(e.g., US Staff, as in the following figure.)

5.   Click OK.

You are returned to the Cube Security dialog box. Note that the default "Read" is selected and shows in the Access Level column.

6.   Select an Access Level (i.e., Read, Add or Design).
This level is now shown in the Access Level column of the dialog box (see boxed areas in the following figure—e.g., Read for US Staff).

7.   Click OK.
You are returned to the Cubes dialog box.
[For the purposes of the example, do the same for the Products cube —provide Read access to US Staff.]

8.   Click OK to return to the main application window.



In the next part of this section, we will provide access to a Slice—note that in order to see a Slice from a Cube, you must be granted access to the Cube itself.


With this level of access to a Cube—Read—Users can not see any data in the Cube! They can access the Cube, create Slice arrangements (without seeing figures), even double-click on Dimensions and see their constituent Members. We will soon consider how to see, and enter, figures—under Fact Data Security Privileges.