Dimension Metadata Privilege

We will consider Dimension Metadata Privileges first, for the purpose of allowing a user to add an "on the fly" Member (to an already existing Dimension) for the purpose of entering budget numbers.

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Model tab and Dimensions command.
The Dimensions dialog box appears with all Dimensions in the database listed.

2.   Select a Dimension (e.g., Version) then click on the Meta Security button.
The Dimension Security dialog box appears, as in the following figure.

By using the Add or Delete buttons, and selecting an Access Level from the drop-down (all boxed) you assign Dimension Metadata Security to Users and Groups.


3.   Click the Add button to access the Select Users and Groups dialog box.

Note that you also have access to the Users & Groups dialog box, through use of the PowerOLAP Users & Groups and Windows Users & Groups button.

4.   Select a User(s) and/or Group(s)
(e.g., Brian Orland, as in the preceding figure.)

5.   Click OK.
You are returned to the Dimension Security dialog box. Note that the default "Read" is selected and shows in the Access Level column.

6.   Select an Access Level (i.e., Read, Add or Design) from the drop-down.
This level is now shown in the Access Level column of the dialog box (see boxed areas in the following figure, where the User has been given Add Access Level).

7.   Click OK.
You are returned to the Dimensions dialog box.

8.   Click OK to return to the main application window.

Let us assume, for this example, Brian Orland must create a Member in the Version dimension, called BudgetUSstaff. He has this privilege based on the Add privilege just granted.

This capability is NOT related to the privilege granted previously, to Add Dimensions and Cubes.