Slice Metadata Privilege

The last Metadata Privilege we will consider concerns Slices.

You may want to provide access to a particular Slice—effectively pointing your staff to the Slice—but not allow users to change the composition (i.e., layout) of the Slice. [Recall that the user must have access to the Cube from which the Slice was created.]

1.   In the PowerOLAP ribbon, select Slice tab and Manage Slices icon or Slices command.
The Slices dialog box appears.

In the Slices dialog box is where you pick a Cube using the drop-down; then, all saved Slices appear listed below. (For example, in the Products cube, the Slice Yearly UnitCost and Price appears.)

2.   Select a slice (e.g., Yearly Unit Cost and Price) then click on the Meta Security button.
The Slice Security dialog box appears.

Again, by using the Add or Delete buttons and selecting an Access Level from the drop-down, you assign Slice Metadata Security to Users and Groups.

3.   Click the Add button to access the Select Users and Groups dialog box appears.

4.   Select a User(s) and/or Group(s) (e.g., US Staff.)

5.   Click OK.

You are returned to the Slice Security dialog box. Note that the default "Read" is selected and shows in the Access Level column.

6.   Select an Access Level (i.e., Read, Add or Design) from the drop-down. This level is now shown in the Access Level column of the dialog box (see circled areas, following—e.g., Read for US Staff).

7.   Click OK.
You are returned to the Slices dialog box.

8.   Click OK to return to the main application window.

We have now succeeded in creating Metadata Security Privileges for Dimensions, Cubes and Slices. The general procedure is the same for all cases—it all depends on what your Security requirements are for database users.

There remains a very important step—at least for the purposes of the example: to give named Users privileges to Fact Data! This will be discussed following the summary table of Metadata Privileges and their consequences, which appears on the succeeding topics.