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Excel-centric cure to spreadsheet problems

When you’re an Excel expert, but you still have spreadsheet problems in your  organization, it may be time to evaluate your options. We know that replacing Excel is NOT the solution, but there is a better way.

PowerOLAP Whitepaper

The PowerOLAP whitepaper provides you the detailed description of features and available with PowerOLAP including product benefits and real-world application examples.

Olation Ebook

What is Olation?
Benefits of using Olation and What Olation can do for You

Olation Whitepaper

The Olation whitepaper provides you the detailed description of features and available in Olation including product benefits and real-world application examples.

Olation Technical Specs

Technical information on how Olation integrates seamlessly into you existing business applications and turns them into one cohesive business enterprise solution.

PowerAnalytics Feature Sheet

Accelerate your SAP, MS Dynamics, Sage, Quickbooks system with a user-friendly enterprise-quality solution for any-size organization, at a smart cost.

Time Manager Live Feature Sheet

Manage Your Time, Track Projects, from Outlook.

OLAP 101

This book offers context for newbies to OLAP technology. Learn where OLAP came from and how it developed into the Business Intelligence technology we know today.

OLAP Terms

Learn all the terms you need to start your OLAP journey.

Infographic: OLAP Timeline

Learn about the history of OLAP technology with this comprehensive inforgraphic

Infographic: Why BI Projects Fail

70% – 80% of BI projects fail. Here are the top 5 reasons why so you can try to avoid them.

What Benefits can you expect to see from PowerOLAP?

You asked, so we answer! "What benefits can I expect to see from PowerOLAP?" When considering a Business Intelligence tool, the most important thing to ask the solution provider is, “What key benefits will I get from implementing this solution?’ Well, here are the...

We are replacing the PowerOLAP Trial

We have replaced the PowerOLAP Trial (Version 14) with a new offering. No more 60-day limits!   PowerOLAP Personal is a light version of PowerOLAP Version 16.  It includes all the PowerOLAP benefits for amp-ed up personal productivity.  You can connect to a data...

In-Memory Data Advantages

In-memory data is fused with many Business Intelligence (BI) products and databases.What are the advantages of having data in an in-memory database?

Problems and Solutions in the Business Intelligence Market

The Business Intelligence market, as we see it, is the following: Problems: Disconnected Data and Applications, Repeated Manual Tasks, Slow Processes Most companies have significant problems integrating data between end-user tools such as Excel, Access,...

Why do you need a Business Intelligence (BI) Solution?

With the amount of data stored by companies growing exponentially, it is no surprise that finding the right data management solution continues to show up on the priority list of Chief Information Officers (CIO). Data has to be secure and distributed efficiently for important up-to-date business decisions.

What is “In-memory” Data?

What is in-memory data? In-memory database systems (IMDB) also referred to as main-memory database system (MMDB) are a growing subset of a database management system (DBMS) software, which primarily relies on main memory for computer data storage rather than a disk storage mechanism.


Comparison between two Business Intelligence (BI) technologies: OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

Debunking 4 Common Business Intelligence Myths

There are many myths surrounding Business Intelligence tools and/or implementations that sometimes make companies shy away from Business Intelligence software solutions. What is the truth real truth in these Business Intelligence myths?

Webinar Launch: Version 18 and Leonardo Suite

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