Business Intelligence – Metrics Engine

Bring all your metrics, past, present, and future, under one roof.

Solutions for:
Power BI    Tableau   Qlik      Microstrategy   Crystal Reports    MS Excel    and more!


Does your dashboard tell you where you are going? 


  • Does it reflect the latest updates you’ve made in your plans and forecasts?
  • How do you combine historical data with plans and forecasts in Power BI?
  • Where do you store your planning and forecasting metrics?
  • Are your dashboards consistent with your Excel reports?


Store all your business metrics—historical, plans, and forecasts, in one analytical model.

Connect directly to your source system to eliminate manual manipulation and upload of data. 

Centralize formulas and business rules, and automate calculation in real time.

Ensure consistency of numbers across all user experiences—dashboards, reporting tools, spreadsheets, SQL.

What is Visionary Intelligence?

A guidance system that enables you to drive your business with information not just from the past (what traditional BI delivers), but also with your plans and forecasts to direct a path towards the future you envision.

Empower Your Business With Your Data

Make data discoveries that impact your bottom line and bring efficiency and productivity to the way you work.

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