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PARIS provides Education Intelligence: Visionary planning, budgeting, analytics and reporting for Superintendents, Principals and Teachers, enabling School Districts to perform with the agility of a business.

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The amount of data being generated in education is growing exponentially.

Here are some examples of school-related data that can be gathered and aggregated to useful information:

  • Test scores
  • Student absences and truancy
  • Cafeteria sales and inventory
  • Human resources
  • Transportation data
  • Commonwealth data
  • Data from legacy systems
  • Data from disparate internal and external sources

Schools, like businesses, need to understand their data, make smart decisions, and compete. The challenge is not just collecting and organizing this data, but marshalling it into Better Information so as to make faster, Better Decisions. That’s where PARIS comes in.

“My goal as the Superintendent is to transition from single variable data analysis in our decision process to a complete analytical process utilizing multiple variables. The Education Intelligence “cube” is the key that provides an easy, user-friendly solution to connect multiple variables from various data sets in one location to conduct analysis.  The utilization of PARIS’ Education Intelligence has provided our team with a deeper understanding of the issues and has allowed us to discover new solutions.”
Curtis J. Griffin, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools, Hatboro-Horsham School District

We can Take you There

We can take you to the place where your data is actually serving you relevant, helpful information for making the best decision for your school.
With PowerOLAP, a school district is able to consolidate data from different departments and external data sources, such as their HR, Payroll, Student Information, Financial, and other systems. All users, with appropriate security privileges, can access information in one unified location. And, crucially, this fosters—in an online and dynamic way—data discoveries that help in the serious business of running a school district and in spotting trends that enable students to excel.