Timely and Accurate Data

Never find yourself to be the last to know. Be always up to date with Leonardo®.

Leonardo® delivers dashboards that are not only visually beautiful, but also alive. This means that all information from Leonardo® are connected to the actual source of data (OLAP or 3rd party systems). Therefore, data is dynamically refreshed in real-time, from the source.

Flexible and Collaborative Analysis

Create on-the-fly analysis accessible to multiple users, on the web and more.

Now, you and your team can access relevant data to support your most mission-critical decisions or daily operational tasks. Leonardo® gives users the capability to slice, dice, and filter data directly on their web-browsers to get to the information they need.

Power-up with Olation®

Unleash Leonardo®’s power by pairing it with PARIS’ Olation®.

By connecting Leonardo® to our OLAP products, your users gain the freedom to access multi-dimensional data models built on Olation® and use it as a base for their analysis and dashboards.

Learn more about the Leonardo® Suite.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

  • Leonardo® is a web application that is installed on any Windows operating system machine that includes a web server, which delivers Business Intelligence content for your Microsoft-based BI environment to authorized users.
  • Users can access Leonardo® from intranet or internet, depending on environment configuration.
  • It takes 5 minutes to download and install Leonardo®, for the first time or as a software upgrade.
  • Leonardo® is accessible from various web browsers and has an intuitive interface that is easy to adopt.
  • Interactive dashboards can be accessed from desktop or mobile devices.


  • Leonardo® is also an OLAP client that can access, browse, and analyze OLAP data and create OLAP reports for multidimensional Olation™ models.
  • Users quickly create interactive business dashboards using already created OLAP analysis or using MDX and SQL queries.
  • Leonardo® has features to create and maintain your organization’s KPIs.
  • Users can subscribe to receive dashboard and OLAP analysis at scheduled times.

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