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Gain control over your data.

Imagine having systems that actually work.

PARIS provides platforms that enables
successful projects and solution.

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Go “beyond Business Intelligence” to Visionary Intelligence. Foster collaboration between end users and management, and provide dynamic connectivity between database systems, applications and end-user tools.

Got Spreadsheet Problems?

Are you drowning in spreadsheets?
Learn how PARIS solutions cure spreadsheet problems without eliminating Excel.

Imagine a future where complex planning is made easy.

PARIS delivers collaborative enterprise planning, analysis, and reporting solutions.

PARIS simplifies the complex process of getting data from source to visualization.

We save you time and money by eliminating manual processes and consolidating reports.

Use it with Leonardo®. Use it with Excel. Use it with Tableau, Qlik, or any 3rd party tool. We guarantee data solutions that work.

What do you want to solve?

Spreadsheet Problems

Data Integrity

Planning and Forecasting

Make an impact with your data

PARIS provides solutions that create positive change in the organization.

  • Understand key areas in your business that can be enhanced – streamline operations, cut costs, improve processes, manage resources.
  • Save yourself from tedious Excel clerking. PARIS automates your reporting cycle – from data consolidation, calculations, and dashboarding.
  • PARIS solutions offer true collaboration, allowing users and teams to work simultaneously and more efficiently.

Get repeatable results from the most data intensive tasks. PARIS makes data models and solutions you can rely on.

Enterprise Solutions


While most analysis is concentrated in Finance, a large percentage of time is spent on assembling the numbers instead of actual analysis.

Get accurate financial reports quickly with PARIS’ financial solutions:

  • Multi-dimensional income statement
  • Multi-dimensional balance sheet
  • Allocation models
  • Consolidated transactional models

Sales & Marketing

Don’t let cumbersome spreadsheets cripple the productivity of your sales and marketing team.

Automate your sales reports, manage your pipeline, and recalculate plans and forecast in real-time.

  • Sales analysis
  • Customer and Product Profitability
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Forecast
  • Strategic Marketing Analysis
  • Tactical Marketing Analysis

Supply Chain

Get complete visibility of your supplies, production, inventory, and deliveries to ensure smooth and profitable operations.

  • Continuous inventory planning
  • Supplier scorecard
  • Demand forecasting
  • Freight management
  • Carrier scorecard

HR Management

People are the most important asset and are typically the biggest cost in an organization. Implementing workplace analytics allows management to plan for tomorrow’s workforce, measure performance, and manage compensation plans.

  • HR Demographics
  • Salary Forecasting
  • Workforce Planning

Leading organizations trust PARIS with their data.

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