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Welcome to the New Age. And a better way to work.

Olation is the great connector and enables your data systems to communicate effectively.
Olation ensures that IT can maintain a single, secure, controlled system: all data, all end-user applications are unified. And data updates are live—delivered directly from all sources, including spreadsheets, to end-users and managers.

That’s simply a better way to work.

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Plan, Analyze, and Report Accurate Data Every Time

PowerOLAP is a robust in-memory OLAP product that aggregates information from any source into a multidimensional PowerOLAP database.
The PowerOLAP Designer empowers users to slice and dice data with a great degree of flexibility, and all it takes to get that data into a dynamically-connected Excel spreadsheet is one click.

Now that’s Intelligent.

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Dynamic Data Visualizations and More

Leonardo® delivers dashboards that are not only visually beautiful, but also alive.
This means that all information from Leonardo® are connected to the actual source of data (OLAP or 3rd party systems). Therefore, data is dynamically refreshed in real-time, from the source.

Be always up to date with Leonardo®

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Analytical Solution for SAP Business One or Quick Books

PowerAnalytics allows users to create powerful financial reports, budgets, and forecasts upon initial deployment by utilizing the revolutionary
in-memory data engine and, best of all, it is created specifically for Quick Books and SAP Business One.

Fast deployment, easy-to-use, works with Excel spreadsheets.

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The experience you need.

All PARIS solutions can be packaged according to your current needs, and scale as your business evolves.

Collaborate across the spectrum of end-user experiences. Connect and sync transactional data and analytical data.

PowerOLAP Professional is a multi-user setup, wherein your data models directly communicates with your data source.

PowerOLAP Personal can be installed and setup on a stand-alone workstation.