Experience the Olation® Advantage

Reduce application development time and costs
Increase end-user productivity, collaboration, and morale
Leverages existing skills by tapping into Olation® data through existing applications, such as Excel, for faster ROI
Enterprise planning, budgeting and forecasting, analysis with unlimited flexible reporting


A flexible and robust data management system, Olation® can lighten the load on an IT team. Our platform drastically reduces the number and complexity of SQL queries that need to be written. It also empowers end-users with access to the data they need for reporting financial and operational data to their management teams.

Bridging the gap between the relational and analytical databases, Olation® is truly unique. It has a special ability to serve up efficiency and productivity for IT and end-user teams in the applications they already use. The C-level feels an impact right away when our clients start using Olation®. Suddenly, they have their fingers on the pulse of the business instead of making an intuitive guess.

See entire list of 100+ 3rd party systems Olation® can connect to.

Olation® Gives You:

  • Easy mapping of existing relational structures into corresponding multidimensional structures
  • Access to external data sources by reference using SQL query to the data or by staging and transforming the data in tables in the Olation® database.
  • True, real-time Multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP) that is not based in Relational (ROLAP) and therefore does not have the performance limitations of such tools.

Pair Olation with Leonardo for beautiful web dashboards

Web Dashboards with Major Analytical Power

Leonardo® is a cloud platform for Analytics, Big Data, Design Thinking, and Data Intelligence. Leonardo® delivers analytics, handles Big Data, incorporates design thinking.

It is web-based and provides attractive analysis and visualizations from Olation® models. Quick product setup, analytical OLAP features, visual analysis, and reports subscriptions are key features of Leonardo.

Dashboard software based on data from your SQL and OLAP databases are quickly designed to present the most valuable information for your business environment. Collaborate with your team on BI content.

  • Gorgeous web dashboards and reports
  • Design thinking
  • Cloud

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“A report that took me over an hour takes me less than 2 minutes with Olation.”
Accounting Manager