PowerExcel Training

Weekly sessions to get you started

“Intro to PowerExcel” Training

Please be sure that you have done the following, prior to attending the training:
– successfully registered for the 30-day free trial
– successfully set up on your own dedicated instance
If you need assistance, schedule a support call by filling out the Contact Us form or by emailing us at info@paristech.com

Intro to PowerExcel’s “PandA” Planning & Analysis Model


This is an introductory session on PowerExcel, with the goal of getting you started on using the PandA model.

In this training, we will cover the following topics:

  • PandA Dimensions and Dimension Members
  • Aggregates and Calculations
  • Spreads and Persistent Calculations
  • Blended Forecasts
  • Dimension Editor
  • Bulk Transfers
  • Clear Database and Copy Paste Integration

With these basic PowerExcel skills, you can leverage your existing knowledge in Excel and create more complex spreadsheet reports, plans, and forecasts.

There will be a Q&A portion at the end of the session to address any questions you may have.

Note: You are welcome to re-attend this session as you require however attendance approval is subject to availability. Priority will be given to new registrants.

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