EPM in the Cloud

Quick access to all your business metrics from a multidimensional data model.
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Welcome to the new age of EPM.

Little more than 5 years ago, prospects would balk at the idea of working with business solutions in the Cloud.

Do you remember?

Putting key company information, especially financials, into the “Cloud” was too risky.

There was concern that it wouldn’t be easy to reach data when it’s in the Cloud, as compared to reaching it in a local environment?

At that time accessing data through a browser seemed much shakier than simply working a local file.

PARIS delivers EPM solutions as a cloud service, providing all the features you need for risk mitigation, maintenance and efficiency building, multi-dimensional analysis packaged with consulting services from our expert team of  developers to help you build your models and get the most out of the technology.

Initial setup of your multidimensional models

Accelerate your on-boarding and get the most out of EPM  with the help of our team that ensures your models are setup according to best practices.

Scalable solution designed to grow with your organization

EPM in the cloud lets users experience true “one version of the truth” without the need for large initial investments. Start with a simple model and build more as you learn and grow.

Ensure user adoption by utilizing your preferred user-interface

Deliver EPM’s analytical outputs to tools users already know and love like MS Excel, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, etc. Our live bi-directional connection lets users manipulate and interact with data in real-time.

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Full EPM Capabilities in the Cloud

The “resistance” to EPM in the Cloud is that expert spreadsheet users think they can do it all with their trusty Excel.

For firms thinking about the potentialities of EPM in the Cloud, the ideal way forward would be to accommodate the front-end tools—with Excel at the very top of the list—not just to overcome user resistance, but also to leverage users’ “spreadsheet smarts.”

In other words, an ideal EPM solution that fully embraces both Excel and the Cloud is best.

With PARIS, EPM in the Cloud is as easy as opening a spreadsheet—and will be connected to an optimal team-based solution and far more likely to lead to business success!

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