Register for a 30-day Trial of PowerExcel for Teams in the Cloud

What’s included  in the Trial version of PowerExcel Teams?


  • The PowerExcel platform
    Available to you and 4 additional users for 30 days (cloud-based, multi-user)


  • A basic PowerExcel model
    Built by our team
    using data you provide


  • Intoductory Training
    One-hour session to get you and your colleagues onboard


    The Intoductory Training covers the following topics:

    • How to access your PowerExcel PandA model

    • What are Dimensions and Members

    • How to perform Aggregations and Calculations

    • Examples of Spreads and Persistent Calculations

    • How to use Blended Forecasts

    • Customizing with the Dimension Editor

    Leverage your existing knowledge in Excel and go further faster

    Create more comprehensive spreadsheet reports, plans, forecasts, and consolidations.

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