Collaboration with Corporate Teams

Are you part of one of the MANY teams stuck in the Excel Culture of businesses today?

Unimpressed with Microsoft’s Office 365 collaboration?

Working on the same Office 365 spreadsheet with a colleague is only the very beginning.  PARIS provides collaboration that makes this kind of co-authoring look like child’s play.

We had higher expectations for what corporate teams should be able to do for collaboration. Microsoft’s ‘collaboration’ is about 5% of what is needed to work productively as a team. PARIS can provide the other 95%

PARIS couples Excel with a shared analytical model that ties data together and keeps everyone on the same page. This enables your whole team to work together interacting with the shared model in Excel. It is also this model that holds together critical calculations for the company, like conditions for the budget, or quarterly metrics.

Many people end up manually clerking Excel spreadsheets for most of their work time.  Smart people who have much to offer any business, most often people with MBA degrees, spend the majority of their time in monstrously large Excel spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel is a great tool for personal productivity. But is it NOT designed for corporate teams or the huge data sets that we burden it with these days.  A spreadsheet with a million rows?  No thanks!

Our mission at PARIS is to educate people that there is a better way to leverage Excel with your team, using it as a way to view what’s inside a multi-user analytical model. Sound interesting?

Moving critical business math out of Excel and into an analytical model takes the burden off of Excel and avoids some of its major flaws, like being disconnected from other major business systems and being prone to formula errors and other miscalculations.

PARIS’ multi-user environment lets users stay in Excel while accessing shared models that are secure and have much of the needed analysis already applied. Excel users stay connected to each other through the analytical model which centralizes and updates real-time data from multiple sources and across spreadsheets.

Imagine the productivity you can gain from eliminating manual consolidation. Instead of constantly clerking versions of spreadsheets for consolidation, formula checking, and error fixes, PARIS automates this process so you can focus on work that truly matters – analyzing the data.


The Excel-centric cure to spreadsheet problems

Do you love Excel but find yourself drowning in spreadsheets? Have you tried replacing Excel with other solutions but find yourself always going back to your trusted spreadsheet?

Learn how PARIS solves spreadsheet problems without eliminating Excel.