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Our name says everything about us…


About PARIS Technologies

PARIS Technologies Inc. is a data management, business intelligence, analysis, and reporting software company dedicated to providing innovative applications that improve the productivity and profitability of organizations through data-driven decision making.

We provide software solutions that enhance the ability of businesses to manage multiple data sources while transforming information into insights that promote growth. We achieve this through our quick data integration, advanced forecasting, planning, analytics and reporting software applications–Olation® and PowerOLAP®

PARIS has a world-class staff experienced in product development; database management; application development; management accounting; financial analysis and reporting. PARIS also provides consulting, technical support, and training services.

We Create a Better Way to Work

Our data management, business intelligence and analytics software applications are created to leverage existing staff skill sets.

Our solutions integrate with a variety of data sources to deliver data in real-time to end user applications for reporting, planning, analysis. Our data management and business intelligence software solutions also provide an easy-to-use interface, which works directly with existing preferred applications such as Microsoft Excel and even other BI applications.

Business Intelligence integration

Stop wasting time clerking Excel spreadsheets.

Get the tools you need to enable your end users to do their jobs.

PARIS provides solutions that are quick to implement, flexible and incredibly powerful;
that rapidly deliver significant impact, and;
that will generate the highest ROI of any project undertaken by the company.

Access to Real-Time Data

We believe that access to data in real-time from different data sources is a essential for making business decisions effectively. And that, using outdated information does not give a holistic view of an organization’s business processes.

 We create data and business intelligence software solutions that make live data updates possible.

Leveraging Existing Skills

Many business, financial and marketing analysts spend a lot of time manipulating data manually in order to organize unstructured data and create reports leaving little to no time for in-depth data analysis or data discoveries.

We provide simple, powerful applications that equip users with the ability to maximize their existing skills.

Data Security and Integrity are Key

IT departments are often saddled with the responsibility of delivering data in a secured, controlled environment while managing multiple data sources to end user tools–making it difficult to create effective data governance.

Our applications deliver data from multiple sources and maintain the most secure environment possible.


Building Planning, Forecasting, BI and Data Management Applications
Focused on Speed and Productivity.

Delivering Technologies that Help Business Prosper

PARIS Technologies was founded by Duane Presti in 1997 with a vision to create simple, flexible, easy-to-use data management and business intelligence software applications that facilitate quick data access and data driven decision making.  Presti has been a thought leader in addressing management needs for better planning, analysis and reporting for over 25 years. He has been a Management Consultant for executives at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chase, The Home Depot, HSBC, IBM, Novo Nordisk, Reader’s Digest, Reuters, Uniroyal and many other large as well as SME businesses. He is the visionary behind the development of several Business Intelligence products including PowerOLAP®, Olation® and PowerAnalytics by PARIS Technologies.

Prior to founding PARIS, Presti founded United Information Technologies Inc. in 1987. UIT developed enterprise financial planning systems for multinational corporations. UIT became the primary supplier of OLAP products to more than 30 independent partner companies and the largest distributor of multidimensional, multi-user spreadsheet tools, with offices in Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Developing a Business Intelligence software
“From the Ground Up”

All business intelligence and data management products produced by PARIS Technologies are built “from the ground up”–taking into account user needs to ensure that they embody all features and benefits that equip users with the power to manipulate their data in real-time. Creating user-focused software applications for data management and business intelligence led to the development of PARIS’ ground-breaking applications–Olation® for live data distribution from multiple data sources and PowerOLAP® for instant reporting, analysis, planning and forecasting.  Olation® and PowerOLAP® enhance the existing skills of both IT (data managers) and end users (analysts, business managers etc.) through automatic updates and simplicity by integrating with existing products.

System Integration and Business Intelligence

Due to PARIS’ commitment to producing software solutions that create a better way to work, PARIS has partnered up with various Business Intelligence, data management, spreadsheet and database providers to create seamlessly integrated applications  that work with your existing software solutions. View list of software applications.

*Customized Application Integration(s) (API) available upon request for products not mentioned here. Products listed here maybe trademarks of their respective holders. Products and companies listed here may not endorse PARIS Technologies and/or it’s software applications such as;  Olation®, PowerOLAP® and PowerAnalytics.