Connecting your end-user tools – LIVE!

OLATION works with database systems like MS SQL Server to deliver real-time data to people where they need it most – their own tools. Users stay with their existing applications, but work with data directly from the source.

The Future of Data Management

Read our blog post about the direction data management is headed and why Olation is the absolute cutting-edge.

Why Olation is a game changer

Data Solutions for Your Business

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Solutions by Industry

The flexible nature of PARIS Solutions allows us to serve a uncommonly wide range of industries.  From Entertainment to Manufacturing, and from Banking to Retail.

Solutions by Role

Are You a Business Manager? End-user or IT Person? We’ve got solutions to give you a better way to work.

By Business Feature

If you are looking for analysis, planning, inventory, finance… Whatever your data challenge may be, we can connect your systems and deliver streamlined results in the front-end of your choice.

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What Our Customers Say About Our Solutions

“A report that took me over an hour takes me less than 2 minutes with Olation.”

~Angie Bartley, Accounting Manager, Candyrific LLC  View More Stories

“We would be pretty lost without PowerOLAP”

~Kat Breading, Financial Director. Tysers & Co Ltd.   View More Stories