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80% of the work in BI projects is focused on data.
Bring all of your metrics, both past and future, under one roof.

Business Intelligence – Metrics Engine

The key to successful BI implementations.

Got metrics issues?

  • Do you have a single place to store your historical and forward looking metrics?
  • Are you able to easily combine past data with plans and forecasts in Tableau or your BI application?
  • Are changes to plans and forecasts immediately available in your dashboards?
  • Do you want to streamline the endless mapping, assembling, and massaging of data within Microsoft Excel?

Integration across a Spectrum of Tools

Integrate the front-end and back-end to drive real-time collaboration

Ensure that the data from your Tableau application is also available in reporting tools, SQL, and Excel

Store plans, budgets and forecasts typically found in spreadsheets

A Foundation for your Business Metrics, Plans and Forecasts.

Having an integrated foundation for your metrics across all of your user experiences creates confidence in your numbers.

Using the BI metrics engine sets a foundation for you to manage the numbers consistently, ensuring you get accurate information across all dashboards, reports, and analytical tools.

An Integrated Platform for your Business Metrics, both Actuals and Forecasts

  • Address data integration, metrics preparation, and governance issues
  • Create a live connection between spreadsheets and the BI Metrics Engine with Excel Live-Link:
    • Eliminate the need to manually update spreadsheets with new data
    • Instantly display on-the-spot changes in the spreadsheets to the Metrics Engine and connected dashboards and reports
  • Seamlessly blend historical transactional data with budgets, plans and forecasts

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