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PARIS Technologies, Inc. launches new SaaS (Software as a Service) program showcasing web-based business insights platform, Leonardo®

Jan 18, 2018

PARIS Technologies, Inc., the leading software suite for Visionary Intelligence™, launches The Leonardo® Suite, a SaaS (Software as a Service) program for its full product line. PARIS clients typically experience a rapid and high rate of return; with the new SaaS delivery model, clients will achieve those returns even more quickly.

The new SaaS program from PARIS is in line with the trend for companies to outsource selected components of their IT program, allowing internal expertise to focus on their IT and business strategy.

With the introduction of The Leonardo® Suite, PARIS also launches refreshed versions of their existing products, as well as the brand-new Leonardo®, a web-based visualization and analysis tool. Leonardo® beautifully illustrates data trends like revenue and spending directly from source data (with full security) into a web dashboard. Leonardo® dashboards are easy to distribute and control, unlike Excel spreadsheets or other dashboard products.

PARIS gets it done and quickly, and there is very little risk involved in their SaaS program. Getting good financial reports and analysis for any company is challenging. The Leonardo® Suite enables organizations to leverage their expertise in Excel, while promoting collaboration and data integrity.

Why tackle Financial Reports? Aren’t there a number of options for financial reporting? “To gain real insight,” says Duane Presti, CEO of PARIS Technologies, Inc. “we need to be able to compare and contrast the data in new ways.” PARIS tools offer remarkable flexibility in examining data, without having to repeatedly reconstruct the underlying model. This saves an enormous amount of time, and reduces the clerical work required to construct multiple views with spreadsheets. Presti goes on to say, “This service will enable a deeper analysis that will help companies function better. PARIS tools enable large projects to be done remarkably quickly. Projects that can take months or years in other environments can often be completed in weeks with PARIS tools.”

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Jessica Otero
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