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Too often data-intense companies get bogged down by too many
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PowerExcel is a data-unifying platform that saves you, your team, and the company time and money.

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You don’t HAVE to Change


Without PowerExcel, you can of course continue in spreadsheets as you always have. 

This leaves you at risk of inaccurate calculations that can lead to making bad decisions.

Plus, you will continue to spend your valuable time, and the time and energy of your team, doing manual massaging of data for each report. 


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We’ve wasted our time, too, as Finance and data professionals…

This stuff is complex. Bringing data together from disparate sources feels impossible to fool-proof.

Believe it or not, we’ve done just that.

Give us a chance to show you a better way. We will give you hours of your life back.

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Major ROI!  A large home improvement retail company achieved an ROI in the MILLIONS. You can too. 

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You’ll get hours of time back and experience true collaboration and unprecedented productivity.


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