PowerOLAP Videos

The following links each contain a series of tutorial videos

Quick Start

PowerOLAP Quickstart introduces the basics of OLAP technology: multidimensionality, dimensions, members, and cubes.

Technical Basics

The Technical Basics set of videos dive a bit deeper into the more technical aspects of an OLAP product: data types, cubes and hierarchies, calculation engines, types of aggregations, even formulas and dependencies.

Excel Integration

Using Excel as a front-end is one of the most important end-user features of PowerOLAP®. This series of video will show you how to use a spreadsheet that is dynamically connected to your database.


This video series dives into PowerOLAP formulas, which are relatively intuitive to write and edit and can scale into very complex algorithms to help you answer your real-world business problems.

PowerOLAP Exchange

These videos explain PowerOLAP’s  integration capability for moving data between transactional and analytical databases. This is one of PowerOLAP’s main components for compiling data for advanced analysis and data modeling.


Customer Engagement Sessions

These recorded sessions were exclusively offered to existing PARIS customers and are now made available to everyone. Each session is 30-minutes long and focuses on an in-depth topic on our PowerOLAP and Olation software.

Not sure if you want to invest time in a video series?

Check out a quick introduction to PowerOLAP.  It’s only 2 minutes!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0kibVg1XBg]