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The Long-Standing False Promise of Business Intelligence
  Business Intelligence solutions have been a part of the software landscape for approximately 20 years. These solutions promised to
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But, Does it Export to Excel?
A consulting colleague and I were discussing the failure of a software that advertises its strengths in Visual Analytics. He
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Alternatives to the Bar Graph and When to Use Them
Who is tired of bar graphs? Everyone! They are so common, it is as if there weren’t other options for
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6 Reasons PARIS Products are for You
  PARIS products are right for you if: You tried a Big Name solution… and you still have the original problems
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Collecting and Analyzing Data in Sports is Here to Stay
Millions of dollars and the hopes and dreams of sports fans worldwide now more than ever depend on Big Data.
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In-Memory Data
In-Memory Data Advantages
In-memory data is fused with many Business Intelligence (BI) products and databases.What are the advantages of having data in an
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Problems and Solutions in the Business Intelligence Market
The Business Intelligence market, as we see it, is the following: Problems: Disconnected Data and Applications, Repeated Manual Tasks, Slow
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How to Automate Reports and Perform Analytics in Excel – the PowerOLAP way!
Crunching numbers, generating reports, consolidating data across departments—these are always very lengthy and cumbersome when done manually. To make matters
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Escape Excel Hell
Escaping Excel Hell Without Abandoning Excel
Due to frustrated Excel Users who constantly have to merge changes and don't have the needed flexibility with Excel Spreadsheets,
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OLAP Vs OLTP image
Comparison between two Business Intelligence (BI) technologies: OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).
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The Future of Data Management With Olation
The future of data management lies in the fusion of database technologies. Olation has pioneered this by joining relational and
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Why do you need a Business Intelligence (BI) Solution?
With the amount of data stored by companies growing exponentially, it is no surprise that finding the right data management
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