Timely and Accurate Data

Tap into timely and accurate data available across your organization, synchronized and delivered in real-time to the right people.

Quick, Easy, Live Updates

Access company information through Excel or the web, connecting live to all organization data, including data in Microsoft’s OLAP cubes.

Achieve rapid ROI

With little training required and significant reduction in current task time and effort, along with dramatic increases in staff productivity.

Fast Reporting and Analytics

Enable faster budgeting cycles, dynamic report building, and advanced analytics through “multidimensional” views of your company’s business structure and performance.

Work With Your Data Your Way

Register for a live PowerOLAP Demo today. Choose a convenient time and experience the flexibility and power of OLAP integration with Excel.

PowerOLAP gives you:

  • Flexibility to manipulate data for reporting
  • Use with Excel and dashboard applications
  • Unite disparate systems for aggregated data from all key sources
  • Make data-informed decisions
  • Collaborate on updated data with a simple refresh



work with your own data
to experience the power, flexibility and speed.

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