Need to consolidate multiple financial databases
for reporting and planning purposes?

Checkout PARIS' rapid consolidation, data analysis, and planning solutions service.

Designed for SAP BusinessOne, Microsoft Dynamics, and Intuit Quickbooks.

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Reporting is a painful process of…

Assembling numbers

Mapping accounts

Massaging the data

None of this is recognized.

  • I don’t get paid for all of the hours that I work clerking the data
  • My management doesn’t recognize the many late nights on my performance review
  • Failure is not an option, but this takes me soooo much time….

 What if there’s a better way?

Wouldn’t it be great if I could…


Easily consolidate data without all of the assembling, mapping, and massaging?


Easily organize and review my Actuals in a tool that I already know? Even MS Excel?


Implement Planning and Budgeting within my organization that leverages my Actuals


Manage and compare versions of my Budget and Forecast as they develop


Blend versions of my Actuals with Forecast… especially as our Forecast changes as the year progresses


Collaborate in our planning system during the planning process so that we can be more efficient in driving decision making

PARIS Technologies – We do the heavy lifting for you.

Data Consolidation

Consolidate multiple databases into a unified chart of accounts.


Actuals Reporting

Dynamically access your consolidated actuals across your charts and segments.


Collaborative Planning

Immediately begin budgeting and forecasting after the consolidation is complete.

Save a complete business cycle


Why choose a PARIS Rapid Application Service? Instead of building your own custom application, you can buy a comprehensive solution from PARIS that delivers value early in the cycle at a fraction of the cost. 

Rather than start at ground zero in your organization, take advantage of the “10,000 hours of expertise” that we have and get immediate benefit.

What our customers say:

“We experienced tremendous time saving … There was no need to appoint extra resources. The total number of hours spent on the budget process dramatically decreased, improving our quality of experience.”