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evolution of business intelligence
How Business Intelligence Has Evolved Since 1865
Business Intelligence in 2017 is the vehicle to analyze a company’s “Big Data” to gain a competitive advantage. It allows
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How Do Business Intelligence and Analytics Differ and Overlap?
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6 Illusions of Big Data
Take a look at 6 illusions that executives have about big data. There is always a lot of buzz around
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PARIS in the Philadelphia Inquirer! How to use PARIS software to be more efficient
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How to Choose a Real-Time Business Intelligence (BI) Software Solution
The value of having a Business Intelligence (BI) tool is inarguable at this point. The conversation nowadays is ultimately the dilemma of having
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How Does Microsoft SQL Server work with Olation?
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Hello world!
Welcome to PARIS Technologies Multisite Install. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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4 Areas of Healthcare Where Big Data is a Game Changer
Bernard Marr, a bestselling author and keynote speaker, recently wrote an article “Big Data: A Game Changer in Healthcare.” In
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Optimized Performance Management for the Construction Industry
Are you trying to keep track of progress, costs, resources utilization, timeliness, “at completion” and other important KPIs? You probably
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How “Business Intelligence” is Failing you
“Business Intelligence.” You’ve used the term in countless meetings. It started to gain momentum in the early 2000’s and has
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Collecting and Analyzing Data in Sports is Here to Stay
Millions of dollars and the hopes and dreams of sports fans worldwide now more than ever depend on Big Data.
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Cool Business Intelligence Infographic
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