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Why do you need a Business Intelligence (BI) Solution?
With the amount of data stored by companies growing exponentially, it is no surprise that finding the right data management
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What Benefits can you expect to see from PowerOLAP?
You asked, so we answer! “What benefits can I expect to see from PowerOLAP?“ When considering a Business Intelligence tool,
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Why are 70% of Business Intelligence Projects Failing?
Olap.com, our sister site recently posted an infographic that explains some of reasons why many business intelligence projects do not
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How can You Leverage Existing Software Applications?
  “I have 10 different software applications, why can’t they work together seamlessly?”   Well, they actually can. How much
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We are replacing the PowerOLAP Trial
We have replaced the PowerOLAP Trial (Version 14) with a new offering. No more 60-day limits!   PowerOLAP Personal is a
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Infographic: What are Data Analysts and Why are they so Important?
  What exactly is a Data Analyst and why are they such a hot commodity in organizations worldwide? Villanova Master
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5 Mistakes you Should Avoid in Analytics
“Well hello 2016, when did you get here?” So, having made it through another holiday season, we’re all ready to
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Version 16 is Here!
  Announcing the release of Version 16 in January 2016. At PARIS, we take pride in continually improving the performance
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*Update* Reporting Manager Live: FRX and Management Reporter Replacement
This is a follow up to a recent post on PARIS’ latest product: Reporting Manager Live. There is now a
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All Aboard the “Business Analytics Express”
If analytical software can eradicate waste and inefficiencies in your business, is there even a question as to whether you
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Everyone is a Part of The BI Team
There’s no “I” in team. In Robert Bates’ article, How to Create Successful Business Intelligence – A Supply Chain Approach to
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Coming Soon! Reporting Manager Live: an FRX and Management Reporter Replacement
The PARIS Development team has been hard at work creating this new product. Reporting Manager Live™ is designed to deliver
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