Changing Dimensions – Using the Pick Drop-Down

This topic covers how to change display Members for Dimensions via the ‘Pick Filter’ drop-down.

To change the display Member along the Filter:

  1. Create a PowerExcel Slice in Google Sheets.
    Notice the upper portion of the Slice corresponding to the display Members for the component Dimensions. Pick drop-down cells (yellow-highlighted in the image below) appear in column F.

The following concerns use of the Pick Filter for changing Members for the Dimensions along the Filter to show:

Version: Budget
Year: 2020
Entity: Entity A
Department: Sales


Change the display Member for Version dimension to Budget:
In cell F4 (this is where the Pick drop-down corresponding to Version dimension is located), click on the Pick drop-down button and choose Select Members…option.

3. In the Select Members dialog that appears, select Budget member from the Members list pane (left pane), then click the Clear and Copy Selected Members
Budget now appears in the display pane on the right.


4. Click the Use Selected Members icon (green checkmark, circled in the image above).
Back in the Slice, note that cell E4 now displays the Budget
Notice also that the slice data automatically recalculates to show the Budget values.

5. Follow the same method to update display Members for Year, Entity and Department In this example, only the display Members for Version and Year need to be changed.

Observe how the Slice values refresh each time the display Member is changed for each Dimensions.