Unleash the full potential of your existing solutions.

Instead of replacing your existing solutions, add value to your IT investments by making the solutions and tools that you are already using work for you.
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Facilitate cross-platform data sharing throughout your organization

Olation encourages collaboration between systems, departments, and users by providing a common environment where they can work together using tools they already know, such as Excel. (See full list of comaptible solutions here.)

Currently, each department in your company may be using a different platform (CRM, ERP, Accounting, HRIS, etc.) which makes between department analysis hard. By using Olation,  departments and users can access and update their data in real-time to create more accurate and complex reports using real-time multi-dimensional analysis. This enables top managers, directors, and C-suites,  to be able to cross-analyze data from a single source of truth to see the business from various viewpoints as well as from a global perspective.

Olation Integration

Save time and money by eliminating tedious manual processes

A lot of valuable business insights can be gathered by analyzing transactional data collected by ERP systems. However, ERPs are often relegated as under-utilized data silos due to the difficulty of extracting data from them. Since organizations usually have multiple ERP systems, each serving its own purpose, extracted data from each system will then need to be consolidated. This process is tedious and cumbersome when done manually, as is usually the case. Not only is the process challenging but it has to be done repeatedly on every reporting cycle which takes up a lot of valuable time.

Olation eliminates the manual process of consolidating ERPs by allowing users to map existing relational structures into corresponding multi-dimensional structures. This setup only needs to be done once. That way, you can go straight to analyzing information, instead of spending so much time extracting and consolidating data every reporting period.

Promote system connectivity and data integrity

Olation minimizes the risk of human error and promotes data integrity by giving users the capability to directly connect and transform multiple data sources into multi-dimensional structures. Through Olation, users can create cubes and dimensions that enable intelligent drill-down to level of relational transactions.

Through the direct connection to relational databases, Olation enables bi-directional real-time data updates which allows users to “write back” from any user interface (such as Excel) for planning, budgeting, forecasting models. The data is then also captured in the actual database (SQL Server tables, SAP HANA, Oracle, etc).

With this environment, IT departments are able to manage a single source of truth while report creators and viewers benefit from real-time connectivity and true dynamism.