Excel Collaboration and Productivity

Are you one of the MANY people stuck in the Excel Culture of businesses today?

Tired of Clerking Excel?


Many people end up manually clerking Excel spreadsheets for most of their work time.  Smart people who have much to offer any business, most often people with MBA degrees, spend the majority of their time in monstrously large Excel spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel is a wonderful tool, don’t get us wrong.  It is a marvelous personal productivity tool. But is it NOT designed to manage the enormous datasets that we burden it with these days.  A spreadsheet with a million rows?  No thanks!


Our mission at PARIS is to show people that there is a better way to leverage Excel, using it as a way to view what’s inside a comprehensive and organized data model. Sound interesting?

It is!  Coupling Excel with an analyticial database for calculations and your company’s transactional system helps to tie data together and keep everyone on the same page.

Download Whitepaper: The Excel-Centric Cure to Spreadsheet Problems

Are you drowning in spreadsheets?
We know that replacing Excel is NOT the solution, but there is a better way.
Learn how PARIS solutions cure spreadsheet problems without eliminating Excel.