Accurately Predict Growth Possibilities With Real Time Data.

Create predictive business models that project future sales, costs and revenues based on past and present data quickly.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting can be a quite cumbersome process when due to  manually extract data from different data sources such as transactional databases, ERP systems, CRM, and among others. Our sales forecasting application takes the pain out of forecasting by pulling data from all data sources and then, automatically updating those predictive models on as-a-sale happens basis. You also have the flexibility to track  and measure your sales growth, opportunities, targets, and product performance dashboard KPIs in all real-time.

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Inventory Planning

Overhead Forecasting

Overhead and labor costs can make up a good majority of an organization’s expenses. Having the ability to quickly forecast production, wage increases, inflation current expenses, among others, can make a significant impact on decreasing costs and increasing a company’s bottom line. With PARIS’ software solutions, you can build calculation models  that create a speedy overhead calculation process. Therefore, making it easier to discover ways to reduce costs and increase profitability through multiple what-if-scenario analyses.

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Merchandise Forecasting

Merchandise forecasting can be complicated  process which involves mathematical “curve matching” calculations,  to accurately determine upcoming season product demands, managing different SKUs to reduce sellouts, decrease overstocks and holding costs. To ensure accuracy it is essential to have data from all seasons without any time lags. With PARIS’ retail solution applications, you can have on Open-to-Buy system that increases accuracy in merchandise forecasting to reduce operation costs and increase revenue as you need it.

Merchandise Forecasting Demo

We Would be Pretty Lost Without PowerOLAP! With PowerOLAP we there is always ‘One Version of the Truth’
Kat Breading, Financial Director. Tysers & Co Ltd.

Benefits of Forecasting with Our Solutions

Instant data Updates

With PARIS’ forecasting application models data is retrieved from transactional systems dynamically for instant foresting needs, whenever, however—no more waiting or redundant re-keying.

Automatic Forecast Calculations

Create useful forecasts that reflect changing circumstances in the business environment. You decide the percentages, weighting and other metrics and our software models apply them across all areas, regions and products automatically.

Use Excel and Other Applications

Our product solutions PowerOLAP and Olation work with Excel and other reporting applications to transform static spreadsheets to real-time applications that combine hundreds of spreadsheets and update in seconds.

Quick Collaboration

Eliminate the possibility of having multiple versions of the same report and the never ending file transfer. With Our software applications you have access to the same version of your forecast numbers because updates are quick as simple refresh!

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