PARIS Technologies, Inc., Partners with i-MOVE, South African -Based Experts in BI, Analytics and Data Science

January 12, 2020

PARIS Technologies, Inc., developer of Visionary Intelligence software, has partnered with i-MOVE CONSULTANCY, a South African-based management consulting firm with a footprint across Southern and East African markets. i-MOVE’s introduction of PARIS’s planning, analytics and reporting solutions to customers throughout Africa is in keeping with its mission to make the firm “the brand that creates your future.” “i-MOVE’s primary approach is based on the simple principle that the success of our customers equates our success as well—this is our guiding principle in every business relationship,” said Grant Mudyiwa, Managing Partner of i-MOVE. “Data is critical for strategic alignment and the ultimate success of our customers and partners. As such, PARIS Technologies software vastly improves leadership’s ability to implement their vision across the enterprise through team enabled planning and business modeling.

With clients in the private and public sectors of the economy, i-MOVE offers diverse data-driven strategic and operational solutions to address inefficiencies that result in missed opportunities and loss of revenue. The company is composed of a highly professional, enthusiastic and experienced team, with more than 100 years of combined service-line and regional experience. It is also fully equipped with the skills and knowledge ready to satisfy clients’ strategic and operational demands.

Paul Gundersen, PARIS’s Chief Customer Officer, noted that “PARIS has key staff resources throughout the world, including in South Africa—so we can complement i-MOVE’s reach in delivering leadership oriented planning solutions across the continent.” Mudyiwa added, “Each of our clients is unique and has different requirements. However, the business environment in Africa is changing at an increased pace and regardless of differences between clients, there is need to adapt as quickly as the situation changes. Agility will determine success. The PARIS Visionary Intelligence approach will help companies to seamlessly measure performance and adapt to changes – especially in a COVID environment.”

Mudyiwa and Gundersen further expressed enthusiasm about the uptake in Africa and bolstering their combined presence where i-MOVE does business. “We see the need all the time, one tip-off being overuse of Excel. We can offer alternatives that scale up to meet their most complex processes,” Mudyiwa noted. Gundersen added: “We expect to have an extraordinary impact on businesses across Africa through working with Grant and his expert team. Every business has the opportunity to drive strategic alignment, increase margins, and decrease costs through this partnership. ”

About PARIS Technologies, Inc. PARIS Technologies, Inc provides a suite of software tools that quickly and cost effectively increase insight, collaboration and efficiency throughout the organization. Visionary Intelligence. Finally, executives have the tools they need to run the business.
About i-MOVE CONSULTANCY. i-MOVE was formed to foster effective business practices, with primary focus on strategy. The firm and its strategic partners aim to add tangible value to clients through leveraging technology to assist organizations fine-tune their decision making.

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