What is SimplyPlanning?

SimplyPlanning is a Cloud-Excel-based solution that simplifies the planning (i.e., budgeting and forecasting) process for small and medium business by addressing the biggest challenges that users face when forming a plan in stand-alone Excel.

How does SimplyPlanning work?

SimplyPlanning does two important things

First, we centralize data, consolidations, and logic into a central financial repository.
  • Data is stored centrally – it is no longer stored in individual sheets.
  • Consolidations are managed centrally – making it easier for everyone to know how numbers (entities, cost centers, accounts, etc.) rollup.
  • Logic – Calculations can be centralized – so that business logic is implemented consistently, instead of in individual workbooks.
Second, users then work around the same base of numbers.
  • Sharing – Users can share information with one another (through Excel) simply by entering numbers and pressing F9 to recalculate – no more shared drives or emailed spreadsheets
  • Financial Foundation – Users are working against a common financial foundation that all can depend upon.



Users of SimplyPlanning will experience the following benefits.

Save Time 

80-90% instant productivity improvement

Save Money

1-2% financial improvements in the first year

Improved Outcomes

Ability to establish baseline and
track/ improvement programs


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