IT Proffesionals

IT Professionals love our Olation solution, because it unites systems and makes data management as smart as the people doing it.

Meet Your Requirements. Exceed Management Demands. Be Loved.

OLATION leverages existing IT skills and investments, and helps IT easily meet the demands of Management.


With Olation, you will be appreciated for your efforts, which drive the company to success.


Why should you choose OLATION:


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 OLATION does not require specialized training, you will find you already know how to use it, because it leverages SQL Server as its native environment.  OLATION is quick to set up, works the way your business runs, and leverages all your current investments.


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OLATION represents an end to “dead” batch-processed Business Intelligence, so you don’t have to worry about complex maintenance of your IT system.  Get rid of all complaints — get unprecedented control of your database and get recognized.


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With OLATION, you can utilize the best in online reporting, analysis, and planning technologies.  OLATION fuses the relational and multidimensional databases together to create a powerful data analysis environment.  It integrates OLAP and relational technologies, creating dynamic in-memory cubes within SQL Server.

OLATION meets the complex data demands of management while ensuring data integrity and security via real-time Reporting, Analytics, and Planning.