PARIS solutions can be utilized throughout the organization.


While most analysis is concentrated in Finance, a large percentage of time is spent on assembling the numbers instead of actual analysis.

Get accurate financial reports quickly with PARIS’ financial solutions:

  • Multi-dimensional income statement
  • Multi-dimensional balance sheet
  • Allocation models
  • Consolidated transactional models

Sales & Marketing

Don’t let cumbersome spreadsheets cripple the productivity of your sales and marketing team.

Automate your sales reports, manage your pipeline, and recalculate plans and forecast in real-time.

  • Sales analysis
  • Customer and Product Profitability
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Forecast
  • Strategic Marketing Analysis
  • Tactical Marketing Analysis

Supply Chain

Get complete visibility of your supplies, production, inventory, and deliveries to ensure smooth and profitable operations.

  • Continuous inventory planning
  • Supplier scorecard
  • Demand forecasting
  • Freight management
  • Carrier scorecard

HR Management

People are the most important asset and are typically the biggest cost in an organization. Implementing workplace analytics allows management to plan for tomorrow’s workforce, measure performance, and manage compensation plans.

  • HR Demographics
  • Salary Forecasting
  • Workforce Planning
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PARIS solutions leverage the skills of IT managers and help them meet and exceed the never-ending demands of management.  We ensure the control, data integrity, and security your systems require.



PARIS solutions provide dynamic Financials and beyond.  Think: inventory planning, driver-based budgeting, and asset optimization.  Our solutions will be the most profitable things  you do this year. 


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PARIS prides itself on providing solutions that are totally end-user friendly.  Excel will remain one of your front end options, and complex business modeling will take minutes.  As an end-user, you’ll find what we offer is exhilarating.

Read more about how PARIS Solutions can help with your particular position:

Olation meets the complex data demands of management while ensuring data integrity and security.


  1. Leverages SQL Server as its native environment, creating dynamic in-memory cubes within SQL Server.
  2. Quick to set up and leverages all your current investments.
  3. No batch-processed Business Intelligence and no complex maintenance of your IT system.
  4. Fuses the relational and multidimensional databases into a powerful data analysis environment.


With PARIS, you are set up for success:

Speed to Decision: Experience a paradigm shift in your decisions.  Prompt your decisions on real, real-time business models with reporting, analytical and planning capabilities.

Roadways to Profitability: By providing you with the most up-to-date predictive models that adapt to changing business conditions, our solutions will enable you to discover effective business practices that lead to profitability. 

Unlock Future Possibilities: Our solutions will help you envision and create an immediate effect on how you run your future business.

Feel the Elation: Getting instantaneous — real, real-time — results has been elusive, if not impossible.  With PARIS, you will see and feel the impact of dynamic data in your decision making.


No more clerking in Excel. Improve your working life with these features:

Fusion of Databases: PARIS Solutions join relational and multidimensional database technologies (OLTP and OLAP) while maintaining the same end-user software that you already know: Excel.

One-stop solution: PARIS Solutions bidirectional capability instantly sends data back and forth to update all your databases without your having to enter numbers manually.

Time-Saving Technology: Excel spreadsheets are instantly empowered as hundreds of spreadsheets can be combined into one, and updated with ONE CLICK!  Our solutions provide the answers and flexibility that you demand from your data.

Excel equipped with a PARIS Solution is:

•   Dynamic
•   Instantaneous
•   Bidirectional
•   Real, Real-Time
•   More productive

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