PARIS prides itself on providing solutions that are totally End-User friendly.

Excel can remain your front-end, and modeling data for reporting takes only minutes.

Efficiency and Productivity

We're willing to bet your Boss will notice


Fusion of Databases:

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PARIS Solutions join relational and multidimensional database technologies (OLTP and OLAP) while maintaining the same end-user software that you already know: Excel.


 One -stop solution:

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PARIS Solutions bidirectional capability instantly sends data back and forth to update all your databases without your having to enter numbers manually.


Time-Saving Technology:

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Excel spreadsheets are instantly empowered as hundreds of spreadsheets can be combined into one, and updated with ONE CLICK!  Our solutions provide the answers and flexibility that you demand from your data.

Excel equipped with a PARIS Solution is:




Real, Real-Time

More productive